The Citrus Palace – Aromatherapy Candle


All the summer vibes with this CITRUS PALACE – Aromatherapy Candle.

Soothing & Mood Uplifting. This candle will lavish your senses with its suave and wonderful smell.

Top notes of Ylang-Ylang; boosts mood and reduces depression.

Middle notes of Lavender; promote calmness and wellness and help reduce stress and anxiety.

Base notes of Orange; promotes alertness, and uplifts the mood.

All Our Aromatherapy Candles are Hand-poured. Soy-Wax and 100% Organic Essential Oils based, for optimum medicinal properties.

Our Lidded Pottery Jars are Hand-Made by our Moroccan Artisans with LOVE.

100% Cotton Wick




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